Washington State Wine Commission Board Meeting Agenda
March 11, 2016 from 9:00 am to 12:00 p.m.
Seattle World Trade Center, Ӭ2200 Alaskan Way, Ste. 410, SeattleӬ
Phone: 206-441-5144Ӭ-Ӭconcierge@wtcseattle.com

• Welcome and Review of Agenda (10 minutes) – Chris Sparkman
o Welcome to Guests
o Approval of January 15, 2016 Meeting Minutes

• Legislative Update (15 minutes) – Josh McDonald

• Research Committee (20 minutes) – Dick Boushey & Melissa Hansen
o Vote on WAC funding recommendations
o WAC organizational structure
o Industry survey for research priorities and research awareness

• Marketing /Communications (1 hr. 45 min) – Brenton Roy, John Sportelli, & Chris Stone
o January/February
 New York Guild of Sommeliers Holiday Party (David Flaherty)
 San Diego Trade Tastings (Monica Buntha)
 San Francisco Trade Tasting (David Flaherty)
o March/April
 Taste Washington Wine Month (Monica Buntha)
 Wine Advocate Tasting (Averyl Dunn)
 Target Market Event – Cohn Restaurant Group (Chris Stone)
 New Vintage (Stephanie)
 Taste Washington on the Farm (Averyl Dunn)
 Taste Washington (Leah Christiansen)
o GreenRubino (John Rubino)
 Social Media Overview: how far WSW has come from the start
 2015 Social Media Recap: stats/successes
 2016 Social Media Plan: an overview
 New Social Media Monthly Reports: board input and approval
o Miscellaneous (Chris Stone)
 Strategic Planning Workshop Follow Up
 Grape and Wine assumptions for FY ’17 Budget

• Finance Committee (20 min) – Brett Scallan & Cayenne Chonette
o Review Financials – February YTD
o Final 2015 Grape Report Review
o Acreage Study Discussion

• All Other Business (10 min) – Chris Sparkman & Chris Stone

The meeting is open to the public.